Menu Planning Central Subscriber Terms & Agreement

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2. Your membership benefits can be retrieved by logging in to the members area of our website ( using your User Name and Password. Each monthly set of menus, monthly resources and culinary reports are rotated out of the website after a one month period of time (generally around the 1st of each month). It is your responsibility to download your desired files during this period of time. We are not able to provide past copies of menu plans or ebooks that have been removed from the site. The other resources on the site will remain from month to month unless we warm you ahead of time that something is planning to be removed.

3. Menu Planning Central is copyright protected and therefore cannot be distributed or copied without permission. Each subscription is to be used for one household. Menu Planning Central reserves the right to cancel your subscription for password sharing, copying or distributing your meal plans to another household or person. If you violate this agreement our automated protection system will AUTOMATICALLY lock your account and you will not be entitled to a refund. If you would like share our program, please consider joining our affiliate program.

4. Menu Planning Central does not make any health or diet claims. We advise you to consult with your physician if you have health or dietary food restrictions.